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The torque tool field has expanded in recent years to include many new technologies and methods from different manufacturers. With over 17 years experience in torque tools, we started Torque Tools California expressly to provide you, the customer, with a choice of the best torque tools made, whoever the manufacturer is, along with the best local support, service, prices and overall value. All under one roof and one phone call away!

To put it another way, we at Torque Tools California realize there are many ways to accomplish a job and we will find the most efficient, cost-effective method(s) for your application(s) no matter who makes it!

Old customers rest assured, this changes nothing regarding support for the hydraulic torque wrench setups you have previously purchased when Jim Shaw was working under the sole manufacturer. Torque Tools California will give you the best service and support for your existing setups!

New customers and old, call Torque Tools California for a true choice of the best torque tools available, along with the best support, service, prices, and overall value!

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With over 17 years experience, Torque Tools California provides a complete approach to your bolt torquing and loosening challenges.
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